Playing Live Dealer Blackjack for Real Money – Nothing beats that feeling!

Blackjack is an all time favourite card game that has millions of fans all over the world. This game used to be played at people’s homes, at land based casinos, at online casinos and currently it is very often played at live casinos. Live dealer blackjack games are very authentic and they offer the closest real casino feeling to players who are eager to experience the casino thrill. Placing real money bets, winning valuable prizes and getting bonuses are some of the things that make live dealer blackjack so popular and attractive to fans.

What Are the Unique Features of Live Dealer Blackjack for Real Money?

As the name suggest, live dealer blackjack games are hosted by best online casinos . This is something that cannot be found at regular online casinos where players play against the system. In these casinos customers get the chance to have high definition video streaming from studios where real blackjack tables and human dealers are part of the games. However, not only players get the image of land based casinos, but they also can hear the casino noise thanks to the microphones placed in these live dealer studios. Another unique feature that is very enjoyable for players who take part in live blackjack games is the chat window. This window makes it possible for players to communicate with each other as well as with the dealer. Some other features that are not necessarily live blackjack exclusive are multi-table mode that allows playing on several blackjack tables simultaneously and the unlimited live blackjack table that can serve an unlimited number of customers at the same time.


What Software Providers Produce Real Money Live Blackjack Games?

Live dealer games are relatively new trend on the Internet. Hence, there are only few software providers which can be really proud of their products and say that they offer an excellent blackjack experience to their customers. Playtech worked really hard on its live blackjack games and the result is amazing. The streaming is seamless and everything works impeccably. Another popular company that provides live gambling solutions is Microgaming. Live casinos powered by Microgaming offer several live blackjack tables and at least one of them is VIP and features higher table limits. The main strength of live blackjack by Microgaming is the dealer; they always employ professional and beautiful dealers who make the whole experience more authentic and enjoyable. Finally, one of the software providers whose popularity grew thanks to their live casinos is Evolution Gaming. Great tables, favourable rules and exciting live blackjack game sessions are found at Evolution Gaming live casinos.

Can I Play Real Money Live Dealer Blackjack on My Mobile Device?

One of the biggest concerns to those who like gambling for real money on their mobile devices is whether they can play live dealer blackjack on smartphones and tablets. The good news is: yes, they can! Popular software providers optimised their products and made them available to all customers, regardless the device they are using for playing. Hence, no matter whether you like playing on the go or you simply want to relax on the sofa, live dealer blackjack is always a click away. Of course, the quality of real money live blackjack when played on mobile devices is great if you own a powerful device with a decent display size and connected to a strong Internet connection. All the important features such as live video streaming and chat windows are there; all the customers have to do is start placing bets and have fun playing real money live blackjack.


Real Money Live Dealer Blackjack Playing Strategy

Sometimes players lose their motivation to use the basic blackjack playing strategy because they have to memorise all the combinations and moves. However, this problem is solved when you are playing live dealer blackjack because you can easily open this text in the background and read our suggestion while you are playing. The game sessions on live dealer tables are usually slow, so you will have a plenty of time to plan your next move in accordance with the basic blackjack strategy. Most commonly the games are played with eight standard decks, the dealer stands on soft 17, whereas the player can double on any two cards as well as he can double after splitting. Hard hands 5-16 are a sign to hit. This does not apply if the dealer holds 2-6 and the player has 12-16. Soft hands with Ace and 7, 8, 9 or 10 are perfect to stand, regardless the dealer’s card. Pairs are usually split, unless you have two tens; then you should stand. Also, pairs from twos to sevens should result with a hit if the dealer gets 8,9,10 or Ace. Finally, keep practicing; you will learn the game better with every new session.

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