Live Blackjack with Android – A whole new world just a click away!

Blackjack has always been extremely popular game at casinos. Currently, it is widely played at live dealer casinos that offer exciting game sessions, multi-game tables and beautiful dealers who spice up the atmosphere. Big percentage of all casino customers uses their Android devices for joining real money live blackjack tables and sharing the entertainment with fellow blackjack fans. Android is operating system that can be found in both popular smartphones as well as in powerful tablets. Most of the Android devices feature touch-sensitive displays, good sound systems and strong processors that are great for smooth gaming on the go.

What Are the Best Android Devices for Playing Real Money Live Blackjack?

There are so many Android devices out there, that it can be really tricky to know what the best mobile devices for playing live blackjack games are. In order to make a list of some of the devices that will most definitely be great for playing, we have to first separate the Androids in two categories: smartphones and tablets.

  • Android smartphones – Almost every of the latest Android smartphones are perfect for live blackjack gambling. These devices have decent display size, good technical specifications and they can be connected to wi-fi or 3G networks. Hence, players can use them for talking, texting as well as for playing on the go. Some recommended devices are Samsung Galaxy A5, Google Nexus 6, Sony Xperia Z3 and HTC Desire EYE;
  • Android tablets – The biggest strength of Android tablets is their large multi-touch screens. These are just great for those who like to play live blackjack anywhere and anytime. Additionally, tablets usually produce extremely good sounds and have strong enough processors in order to provide sleek game sessions. Several good tablets that run on Android operating system are Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Asus Fonepad 7 LTE and Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

liveblackjack with android tablet

How Are Live Blackjack Games From Various Providers Different?

There are several live casino software providers which supply live blackjack games that can be played on Android devices. These games are in general similar one to another; nevertheless, some of them feature certain rules, whereas others don’t. For example, Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming offer 3:2 blackjack payouts. However, both Playtech and Evolution Gaming games allow double after splitting, whereas those who play at Microgaming powered casinos will not be able to make this move. Microgaming Android live casinos, on the other hand, give the chance to players to hit on split Aces, while at Playtech and Evolution Gaming casinos this is not possible. Of course, these are some basic examples of how games can differ. Some other rule modifications can be dealer’s hit or stand on soft 17 as well as peeking for a blackjack or not. Hence, reading the rules carefully before joining a certain casino is crucial. This is especially important because rules affect the house edge as well as the playing strategy.

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Is Android Live Blackjack Favourable Towards Players?

Whether a game is more favourable towards the house or the players depends on the game’s house edge. Nevertheless, there are many things that affect the total house edge of real money live blackjack games. For example, the number of decks used in the game, the particular rule modifications and etc. As a result, there cannot be a conclusion that will cover all blackjack games on the market. Generally, blackjack is a game that has low house edge and it is good for playing. The games by Evolution Gaming and Playtech have the same house edge of 0.48%, whereas Microgaming blackjack has a bit higher edge of 0.51%. The rules that make Android live blackjack by Microgaming less favourable towards Android players are the ones that do not allow double after splitting and that allow double only on 9, 10 and 11. Of course, there are some others blackjack games that, for example, feature the surrender rule which makes them even better for playing.

How Is Playing on Android Devices Different from Playing on Desktops?

There are several things that make playing on Android devices a better choice than playing on desktops. First of all: the comfort. Desktops got their name because they are static and usually placed on desks. This requires the player to sit in front of the computer which can be very uncomfortable after some time. However, that is not the case with Android devices since owners can take them wherever they like; in and outside their homes. Additionally, the touch-screens allow players to enjoy live blackjack while giving commands with their fingers instead of doing that with the mouse. Hence, even though the display size is usually smaller than those desktops have, playing on Android is authentic, entertaining and very practical.