Live Blackjack with your iPad – Get ready for some action!

Some of the many mobile applications that iPad users can download at any given time are live croupier casinos that offer table games hosted by professional dealers. Understandably, the popularity of blackjack never stops growing and therefore numerous live casinos feature this game in one or more variants. Blackjack has low house edge, exciting game-play and interesting side bets that attract a huge number of players. Thanks to the latest technology and the iPads technical specifications, those who own this Apple product can enjoy real money live blackjack games whenever they feel like playing.

Important Live Blackjack Terms for iPad Players

In order players to know what they are doing, they have to know some basic blackjack terms, also called blackjack glossary. The glossary is usually written in alphabetical order and it has all of the blackjack words; however, we will explain only the most important ones. For example, the dealer is the person who hosts the games and the person against the customer is playing. After the first round of cards is dealt, the player has several actions to choose from. He can draw another card or hit. Also, he can choose not to ask for a card, in which case he stands. If he has two same cards, he can split them if the blackjack variant allows splitting. The strongest winning combination is natural blackjack made of Ace and 10 or face cards, whereas any hand over 21 is called a bust. Finally, both dealer’s and player’s hands can be hard or soft; hard hands consist of Ace which is counted as 1, whereas in soft hands the Ace is counted as 11.

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How to Play Real Money iPad Live Blackjack?

Playing blackjack is pretty much a simple thing to do. The game has several rules that are standard for every blackjack variation and some rules that can vary. However, once you learn them, playing will be very simple. The first step of playing real money live blackjack on your iPad is to find a casino that offer live blackjack games. Best known casinos for their real money live blackjack tables are those powered by Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming. Then, you will most probably have to download a mobile application from the iTunes store and enter the live casino from your app menu. Of course, you will need a funded casino account because placing real money bets is possible only if you have enough funds to afford the chips. Once you choose the table hosted by your preferred dealer, take a seat and start placing wagers. You will receive two cards and then decide whether to hit, stand, double or split. The best thing about all of this is that you do everything with the tips of your fingers and feel like you are in a real casino.

What Are the Live Blackjack Table Limits?

iPad owners who play live blackjack on their iOS devices have to be aware of the various table limits that live casinos have. Most commonly, the live blackjack tables are clearly separated into tables for regular users who play with smaller amount of money and tables for VIP and high rollers where the limits are much higher. Naturally, the table limits are in fact the minimum and maximum bet amount accepted at a particular real money live blackjack table.

  • Minimum bets – the minimum bet amount usually varies from £0.50 to £25. However, most commonly found minimum bet amount among popular live casinos is £5. Also common minimum bet is £10;
  • Maximum bets – same as minimum bets, maximum bet amounts is different at different casinos and it can be between £50 and £50,000. Generally speaking, the most common limit is £500; however there are also some casinos that do not accept bets higher than £300, £10,000 or £30,000.

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What Are Banking Options offered to iPad Customers?

Playing real money live blackjack games on iPads wouldn’t be so popular among players if it wasn’t so practical. That is why live casinos offer numerous banking options to their iPad customers that make it possible for them to make deposits on the go. Furthermore, they can easily request withdrawals and cash out their money regardless their location. Both actions are easy to do and customers will not have any difficulties to complete them. The payment methods iPad users have are usually credit and debit cards, digital wallets or prepaid cards. They can also use wire transfer, but the previously mentioned methods are more convenient. When it comes to credit cards, most often accepted are Visa and MasterCard as well as their debit variants. PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are the most used digital wallets, whereas Paysafecard and Ukash are number one prepaid cards used at live casinos.