Live Blackjack with your iPhone – Real dealers for real fun!

Blackjack has always been one of the world’s most popular card games. The main objective of this game is for the player to beat the dealer’s hand by receiving cards whose total point count is better than the count of the dealer’s cards. This interesting game belongs to the table games family and it is played with one or more decks of cards. The ultimate thrill of playing blackjack is having the live dealer in front of you and hence playing at any of the numerous live dealer casinos is excellent for blackjack fans. The latest modifications and optimisations made it possible for iPhone owners to use this great product exactly for playing real money live blackjack on the go.

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What Are the Live Blackjack for iPhone Basic Game Rules?

Because there are more than one blackjack variants on the market, there are also certain rule modifications. As a result, there cannot be stated all of the live blackjack rules in the same text, unless the particular blackjack variant is highlighted. However, there are some basic things that are same for every game. For example, blackjack is always played with cards, even though the number of used decks can be one, two, four, six or eight. The strongest winning combination is natural blackjack, or also known as an Ace + 10, Jack, Queen or King. If a hand goes over 21, then it is called a bust and the player instantly loses the game. The same happens to the dealer if he has a bust hand. Most often, the dealer stands on soft 17, whereas there are some variants that allow him to hit. Other rules that can vary are the possibility of the player to split, resplit and double. At most of the games, both the player and the dealer get two cards and then they decide what to do next. The player’s cards are face-up, whereas one of the dealer’s cards is face-down.

Is there an Optimal Live Dealer Blackjack Playing Strategy?

The standard blackjack strategy usually applies to all of the games and there are some minor changes that vary from one blackjack variant to other. First, let’s discuss when it is the best to hit. If the player holds hard 5-12 and soft 13-17 he should hit, no matter what the dealer’s face-up card is. If the dealer holds any card from 7 to Ace, then the player should hit if his hand is hard 13-16, soft 18 and any pair from twos to sevens. If the player can double, then the sign for doubling is hard 10 or 11 as well as a pair of fives across dealer’s 2-9. Hard 13-16 a soft 18 should result with stand if the dealer holds anything from two to six, whereas a pair of tens, hard 17-21 and soft 19-21 are always sign to stand, regardless the dealer’s card. Whenever the dealer gets a card from two to nine, the player should split any pair of cards unless it was advised differently in the text above. So, when you play real money live blackjack on your iPhone have these advices in mind and maximise your chances of winning.

Can iPhone Players Place Side Bets When Playing Live Blackjack?

Every blackjack game starts with the players placing initial bets. However, one thing that adds to the excitement is the side bets. Those who decide to play real money live blackjack on their iPhones will also be able to place several side bets accepted at iPhone live casinos. The most popular is the insurance bet which usually has even payout and it can be placed if the dealer shows an Ace. Other popular side bet is the perfect pair that is placed before the dealing of the cards; those who will get coloured, mixed or perfect pair will be rewarded with generous payouts. Another attractive bet that can be found at Evolution Gaming powered casinos is the 21+3 bet that rewards players who will get a strong poker hand out of his hand + the dealer’s face-up card.

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Customer Service for Those Who Play Live Blackjack on iPhones

Reputable live dealer casinos that offer real money live blackjack games to iPhone owners usually have very good and professional customer support service. The best live casinos boast with helpful and friendly customer support agents who are available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. The most commonly offered contact options that customers who play on iPhones are phone, e-mail and live chat. Sometimes the sites also offer fax and regular mail, but these options are considered old fashioned and are slowly removed. Additionally, these sites have easy to navigate FAQ sections and instruction pages that will help iPhone users to get started without any issues.