Live Blackjack with your Tablet – Gambling at its best!

Currently, playing real money live blackjack is one of the trending things on the Internet among casino fans all over the world. Live blackjack features real dealers and blackjack tables which can be seen by players thanks to live video streaming. Usually, these tables are placed in specially designed studios owned by software providers who offer this product to live casinos. One of the ways to play at these live blackjack tables is by using a tablet. Tablets are extremely popular devices which are often seen as something between smartphones and laptops. Every next generation of tablets is better than the previous one as well as it is better for playing real money live blackjack games.

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Are There Some Recommended Tablets for Playing Live Blackjack?

The competition on the tablet market is huge. All of the world’s most popular technology suppliers are developing their own tablets that have unique features and different specifications. In order to recommend certain tablets we have to first categorise them according to the operating system they use. The most popular operating systems on the market currently are iOS, Android, Windows OS and Blackberry. Here are some thoughts on what the strengths of these devices are and which the best products in each of the categories are:

  • iOS – iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini are the two Apple manufactured tablets which run on the iOS operating system. These products are great for real money live blackjack thanks to their excellent displays and strong processors. iPad users will be able to receive high quality video streaming and easily place bets by tapping on the screen;
  • Android – Android can be found in numerous devices by different suppliers. Some of the most popular Android tablets are Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Google Nexus 7. All of these devices have extremely user-friendly interface and highly-responsive touch-screens that make them great for both playing and communicating with the live blackjack dealer;
  • Windows OS – Every real money blackjack fan would enjoy playing his favourite casino game on Lenovo Thinkpad Helix, Dell XPS 18 or Microsoft Surface Pro 2. These amazing Windows tablets will make the game-play smooth, the sounds loud and clear and the playing pleasant;
  • Blackberry – Blackberry PlayBook is the tablet for those who are used to the Blackberry operating system and who wouldn’t change it for anything else. The PlayBook has a 7-Inch display which is great for placing bets, hitting buttons and using the chat window available to those who play live blackjack on tablets.

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Live Blackjack Bonuses for Those Who Play on Tablets

Live casinos never forget to spoil their blackjack players who play on tablets. Hence, right after you complete the singing-up process you can get no deposit bonuses from £5 to £25. No deposit bonuses are usually free and players can use them to try the games. However, in order to withdraw no deposit bonuses customers have to meet wagering requirements and live blackjack usually have only small contribution percentage. The most popular way of boosting player’s bankrolls is by giving them deposit bonuses. The welcome offer is always the most generous one and players can get 100-500% match bonuses whose amount can vary from £100 to £1,000. Furthermore, there are reload bonuses given on every following deposit; these reload, or redeposit, bonuses are smaller and their amount is usually between £20 and £200. Besides the cash bonuses, live casinos reward every placed bet on live blackjack tables with loyalty points. Tablet users can earn these points and then redeem them for cash or use them to improve their VIP status.

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Real Money Live Blackjack Playing Tips

Playing real money blackjack on tablet not only can be fun, but it also can be profitable if you know some tips that will improve your position. For example, never play when you are not enough concentrated or you don’t have enough time. Gambling with real money requires your full attention. Also, play only when you know that you have a strong internet connection, since weak signal can freeze the streaming and make you lose your bet. It is advisable to play on a tablet that has as large display as possible, because that way you will prevent giving wrong commands as a result of tapping on the wrong button. Of course, when it comes to the games, you should focus on blackjack variants that have lower house edge because that makes them more favourable towards you. Try to join tables that are hosted by native speakers and avoid possible misunderstandings. Finally, learn the optimal live blackjack playing strategy because besides luck, blackjack requires skill too. Knowing when to hit, stand, double or split can maximise your chances of winning the game.