Live Blackjack for US Players – Are you ready to have some fun?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many online casinos that offer real money live blackjack games to US players due to legal restrictions. However, that does not mean that the offer is not good. Quite the contrary, there are some top-notch quality live casinos where players from the United States can try their luck in real money gambling on live blackjack tables. Placing bets, getting big payouts and receiving regular bonuses are some of the benefits that US players enjoy every time they decide to have some fun playing live blackjack.

Is Live Blackjack for US Players Safe?

Live casinos that accept players from the United States are most of the time perfectly safe and secure. The first sign of a reputable and reliable casino that offers real money live blackjack games is the gambling licence. Usually, casinos that accept US players hold license such as those issued by the Governments of Curacao or Cost Rica. There were certain issues with casinos licensed in these two countries; hence it is advisable to be extremely careful. The second sign of seriousness and determination of providing a safe gambling environment is the use of encryption technologies. Playing live blackjack games and making deposits at casinos that use latest SSL encryption is completely secure because nobody can steal your personal and financial information thanks to the encryption tools. Finally, also important is the privacy policy at live casinos. Here users can find information about their rights as customers and they will find out whether their data can be sold to third parties or not. In conclusion, as long as you join reputable casinos that have all of the previously mentioned characteristics you won’t need to worry about safety issues.


How to Play Real Money Live Blackjack?

In order US players to be able to play real money live dealer blackjack they have to first find a live casino that accepts players from the United States. Usually, at the bottom of casino sites there is a little sign with the US flag if US players are accepted and the flag is crossed out in case the casino is not US friendly. Once they found a casino that offers live blackjack and accept US players they have to register an account by completing the registration process. During the process they will be asked to provide certain personal information and maybe credit card details. Naturally, after your account is verified, you will have to make a deposit and then join a live dealer blackjack table. By clicking on the chips, you can choose the desired bet amount and then you can place it on the table as your initial bet. Finally, once the first round of cards is dealt, you will have to play your hand by deciding whether to hit, stand, double or split.

Can US Players Play Live Blackjack Instantly?

The instant play mode proved very attractive to customers all around the world, US players included. This is why many of the popular live casinos where live blackjack tables are featured offer instant playing to customers. Of course, there are also live casinos that require downloading software or that offer the both options. However, customers from US can definitely play directly from their Internet browsers at, at least, couple of live casinos. This is very practical because it makes it possible for players to log in using their username and password from any computer and to play real money live blackjack wherever they are.


Optimal Playing Strategy for Live Blackjack

Maximising your chances of winning real money live blackjack game for US players is possible if you have an optimal playing strategy. The optimal playing strategy is calculated with the help of the game rules featured on the live blackjack table and the number of decks used in the game. Therefore, this is the playing strategy which is best for playing live blackjack game with 8 decks of cards where the dealer stand on soft 17 and the player can double on any two cards. First, let’s discuss what happens with hard hands. The player should hit on hard 5-11 and stand on hard 17-21 regardless the dealer’s card. However, if the dealer shows a card from 7 to Ace and the player has hard 12-16 it would be the best to hit. Double is recommended when the player has hard 10 and 11 and the dealer receives a card from 2 to 9. Soft hands from 13-17 are perfect for pressing the hit button, whereas all other soft hands are good to stand. A pair of tens is always a sign to stand, 2-2 to 7-7 should result with a hit if the dealer holds 8, 9, 10 or Ace; all other pairs should be split.